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“I am the antithesis of the simple, homely woman”
Nisha Jamvwal in a heart-to-heart with Shalini Chauhaan
Nisha Jamvwal is a name that people associate with fashion and art. What was the turning point in your life that made you choose this career…made you what you are today?

I am an interior architect and a columnist who established my brand in interior design and then diversified into fashion. I am not a person who has lived life to any pre-formatted rules.

Ever since I was a child, I would recreate a space mentally. And if my friends allowed it, I would turn my visualizations into reality. Fashion is a diversification not only of brand “Nisha JamVwal” but also my creative journey. I am flowing with the current that has taken expression in different media, interiors, writing, art, craft, and couture.
We know Nisha Jamwval the designer, artist, social worker…How is Nisha Jamvwal as the woman?
As a person rather, I’d say Nisha Jamvwal is an unpredictable, temperamental, reactionary, artistic, adventurous, paradoxical mixed bag, full of surprises, and the antithesis to a simple, homely woman!

How important is style consciousness to you? What is your personal style?
Reminiscent of the times of Scarlett O’Hara and Eliza Doolittle, heritage resources are attractive to me, drawn on to embellish and dream up a modern and effortless wardrobe.

To me, style must be innate, personal, effortless, and original. To derive from another or follow a trend blindly is not style in my opinion. My personal style is averse to too much opulence, color, shine, and crazy fashion design. Less is more and classics and gowns are my look. Clothes which are styled with elegance and class, translated into very feminine styles are quintessentially Nisha JamVwal.

What are your favorite brands in India and your favorite international brands?
Internationally, I favor Ballenciaga, Mary McFadden for evenings, Top Shop for the edgy day wear; Azeem Khan, Ranna Gill, Anshu Arora Sen, and Anamika Khanna are my favorites among Indian designers.
We know that all designers and creative people draw their inspiration from someone/something. Who/what is the inspiration behind all that you do?
My inspiration has been my life, the rapids, the hardships, and my experiences. I have lived and travelled all over the world and have drawn inspiration from different cultures and countries.

How important is an emotional outlet to you?
I am fiercely self reliant, independent, and not at all in need of any outlet.

How do you look at relationships beyond the conventional definitions?
I look at relationships as beautiful adventures preordained and wonderful in small doses. I do not enjoy people in long doses and dislike too much intrusion. I am fiercely independent and do not believe in pre-formatted rules and regulations. I enjoy free flowing happy relationships without any agenda.
What difference would you like to make to the fashion industry?
I would definitely like to see less imitation of the West and more original thought.

Would you consider a career in politics?

I have been approached by some political parties and will definitely take the plunge one day. Presently, I work from the sidelines guiding people to vote and I work with NGOs to give a shot in the arm to our local arts and crafts. After 26/11, I have also been working at security reforms for our country.
We have seen you in a couple of Bollywood super hits, like “Fashion” and “Page 3”…anything new in the pipeline?
There is a lot in the pipeline but I am not at liberty to speak about it now.
Your style tips to our readers?
I’d say to Indian women who tend to be big on the beams and wear tight clothes: go for styles that suit your shape, rather than blindly follow trends. Some women look tucked into tight dresses, push-up bras, with corsets to get into designer dresses for parties. Please give up the V of the underwear…thongs or seamless is very important if you need to survive the new age. You probably already know that you should NEVER buy something too small, thinking you'll lose weight! I’d also suggest that you never make radical changes in your look, because there is no drastic before and after in real life, gradual changes are more subtle and long lasting. A fashion makeover over a period of time is the way to go.
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