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The Trophy Men…

Khalid Ansari
If the relationship chemistry that worked in the golden old days was between a younger woman and an older man, the tables have turned in the 21st century. The new age Indian woman loves to devour her toy boy, and unabashedly so!

fashioncurry.com takes you up close to the fast changing relationship equations in the capital. Check out the latest craving that’s melting her like never before!
Look around and you’d be surprised to find out that Delhi’s older women are no longer restricted to clandestine intimate encounters Internet sites such as http://www.agelesslove.com for an adult dose of older women-younger men relationships. Today’s free-spirited, nubile, confident, and highly successful older women are jauntily pairing up with “boys” half their age – and no one is bothered. If anything, the coupling is considered cool.

“Same age men are boring”

For Monica Gupta, a chartered accountant with a leading software company, men her age are “boring” and “uninspiring.” She dated (seven years!) and finally married her sixteen-year younger beau, Himanshu Gupta, an MNC employee. Himanshu thinks they make an ideal couple because of the “good sexual chemistry” they share. “Monica anyways looks half her age, so what’s the big deal,” he adds with a twinkle.

But doesn’t the age difference impact the passion quotient adversely? “Not at all! Do you always check out birth certificates when you find a woman intoxicating? Nothing matters when you are high on love and passion,” explains Himanshu.


Woman on top

One fact that usually runs common in such relationships is that the woman is often the more successful of the two.

“Today’s career woman is more successful; has her own job and appointments to manage. She is far more confident about her looks and status in society, and is not so easily swayed by age gap considerations,” says Monica.

According to Minash Arora, a call centre executive, “Some men, including me, find older women simply irresistible. They have the confidence and maturity that giggly, young girls simply lack.” He is dating Meenakshi, who is ten years his senior.

“I met her at an institute. She was in fact my teacher. I picked up the courage to ask her out, and voila, she accepted,” he recalls.


Figure corrections

How well such good equations have begun to work can be gauged from a recent AARP poll, in which one-sixth of women in their 50s said they dig men in their 40s.

“Older men are only interested in work or golf. Minash spoils me silly and I quite like that,” says Meenakshi, a Delhi-based leading fashion designer, who is proud of her mature looks and is recuperating after a recent near fatal accident.


But doesn’t an older woman get conscious of her fading charm? “Gone are the days when oomph and charm was associated with 20-somethings. Even in your late 50s, you can maintain a curvaceous body,” says Rukmani Lamba, who turned 50 recently and prefers men in twenties for companionship. She adds, “My mature features, husky voice, and a relatively controlled smile become so lethal that younger men get completely hooked on to me.”

Well, this certainly calls for a toast. For generations, older men who married young, pretty, but brainless bimbos were lauded for their extraordinary virility and stamina. It’s about time women did the same!

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