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Protect Your Rights!

Manish Kumar, a talented and very upcoming designer with loads of potential is horrified. A day before his first big fashion show was to open, his designs have been found imitated in another show by another designer in another city.

Who, what, where, when did this leak out? It’s too late. He has to now manage the show with what’s left – of his designs and of his low morale.

Reality check
Today’s business world is highly competitive and cut throat. So, if you are doing your own thing, it is imperative that you ensure adequate protection of your trademark, patents, copyrights, and designs through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Be prepared
If you are starting your own business, register the trademark, that is, the name and style of the business, with competent authorities so that any illegal infringers can be suitably challenged before the courts. Suitable damages may also be claimed from the infringers.
Both civil and criminal legal action may be initiated if one’s IPR has been infringed and even raids can be ordered by the courts to seize the counterfeit products.

Similarly, your creative business slogans or works of art can also be registered under the Copyrights Act to prevent unauthorized copying or imitation.

So be prepared to stand up for your rights if and when the need arises.
In case you have a genuine grievance and would like to know the legal options, you can reach out to us at: indialawoffices@airtelmail.in or fashioncurryfeedback@gmail.com
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