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 Live Life Bondage Free!
  By Anandmurti Gurumaa

The mind has strange ways of misleading and miscalculating things - and then suffering because of it. Although everyone wants to be happy, yet everyone does all the things which create the reasons for unhappiness. It is very important to understand one thing: that one cannot live in peace if one is in bondage.

In the Hindi language the word for animal is ‘pashu’; the root of the word ‘pashu’ is ‘pash’ which means rope. Animals are tied, not human beings.

Have you ever seen an animal that is tied up? Such a sad state; its movement is restricted. Man too is bound; man too is in chains. Can a person who is in bondage be happy? A mind that is bound by its desires, attachments and dreams is a ‘pashu’.

From birth, when you were hungry, afraid, lonesome or hurt – you called for help, and the one who was available you got attached to the most. Slowly this attachment led to a sense of security, happiness and protection. This develops into emotional bondage. This emotional slavery clips your wings and imprisons you in an imaginary cage. 

So the question is: Do you know how to keep your mind anxiety and bondage free? If you don’t, then you are really in bad shape - you are slowly inching towards disease and death! 


A stressed out mind is home to many psychosomatic diseases. If you wish to remain physically and mentally healthy, then you must keep your mind free of bonds and stress.

Ask yourself this question: Do I want to remain vulnerable and tied to someone or something, to the extent that that thing or person becomes my master? There is no weakness that cannot be overcome. The only thing needed is the will. 


When you are unbound, only then are you totally free; free to be what you are; free to express; free to interact without any expectations, slavery or silly conditionings.

Meditation teaches you to be with the self in such a way that you are richer, happier, and more content with yourself. Then you do not need others to feel happiness, joy or completeness. 

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