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Naina Balsavar talks to Shalini Chauhaan about her life, business, love and politics.
Shalini Chauhaan

Naina Balsavar-the original beauty queen. Please tell us a little bit about your journey from Miss India... till now.

The journey hasn't ended my dear! It’s been eventful, filled with happy memories, some sad moments and soon after exhilarating times, once again. I’ve met multitude of people & other animals and befriended many in those!! So the trip goes on & on.

What was the turning point in your life that made you what you are today?
The turning point was in my mother's womb & subsequently with many impressionable friends around. I’m very malleable-like 24 k gold.
Is life for you celebration or a conscious path with do's and dont’s?
Through rose tinted glasses!! Some don’ts....but mostly do's..!
You got married to Mr.Akbar Ahmed. Please tell us how you met each other and what led you to marry him?
We definitely met in our previous life sharing different relationship in each .We've carried all those relationships into this husband /wife arrangement!! I love him madly and for us the romance goes on…with some effort. (laughs)
Mr. Akbar Ahmed & you own a very successful resort business.  What made you diversify into running a beauty salon & designing jewellery?
Once the kids started full day school, it became impossible to travel as much & since I used to own a salon in Bombay, I thought of setting one up in sainik farms. Since there were no decent places to go to in this area. Creating jewellery with colored stones has been my passion since I was a teenager & so it was a natural choice of profession.

Who are your favourite Indian designers?

Shalini Shauhans karevas...!! Only I wish I could fit into her slim line outfits. Why cant designers make out-fats..!! (Laughs) Raghvendra Rathore, Rajesh Pratap & Rohit and Rahul & the R’s go on sprinkled with many more talented alphabets. I buy jeans and comfortable wear from M & S and Selfridges etc. I love wearing my own creations in saris and kaftans.

You have gorgeous skin. Some beauty secrets please?

I am an "origins" girl and anything lubricating. (Please don’t have a dirty mind, dear reader).
For a Sunday afternoon lunch, what kind of an outfit would you wear?
Depends on the event. Casual swimsuit for a pool party with a bed sheet on it. Colorful, formal, a printed sari with bold colors in winters & in summers I would excuse myself from the lunch.

What difference would you like to make to your industry?

It’s not much of a secret that I sing & would love to cut an album as soon as possible. It demands a lot from someone and when I start something, I will give full dedication. That’s what I plan to do soon. God willing!
Do you have any plans of entering politics? Your husband is an MP and is actively involved in politics. How do you support him?
I entered politics or rather politics entered me when I married my politician husband! In our home it's a way of life.. I may fight an election in the times to come. Depending on how strong my need is, to be part of the change.
You have been a working mother. How do you balance your time between work, kids & your home?
Most women are multitasking & faceted, as I am. Women would make great jugglers.
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