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Green Emerald and the Touch of Silk

Green is the new gold. Everything from environment to jewelry to envy is going green. Why not your home? Or your restaurant, work place, or lounging space for that matter!
La Sorogeeka, the luxury house for interior design, introduced an entirely new collection – all green. Called the Emerald collection, it includes green accessories that enhance the beauty of a space, everything down to even cushions.
The bright hues of green emerald add vibrant color to a space. This new collection consists of silk and silk-blended cushions available in various shapes and sizes, which can further be enhanced with hints of real pearls, Swarovski, and zardozi work for added glamour and a luxurious feel. These cushions are the latest style statement for luxury homes and are inspied by the Indian classical era with an ethnic touch.

They can be used to create beautiful low seating arrangements as well as can be propped up in bedrooms for a relaxed seating. They can also be used to simply highlight different corners of a home.


Cocktails of Red and Black

Red and black are made sexy with Sia Home Fashion unveiling new collections in these shades with glossy shine and glittering color.

Check out the oversized Medici vases in anthracite filled with spectacular bouquets of flowers made of velvet, shimmering metal, and studded with sequins.

For an extra lavish touch, try the tea-light holders, made dramatically luxurious in scarlet and a sensuous goblet shape.


To make things interesting, Sia Home Fashion added a splash of white to red and green and offer a fresh new look, for example, rich bouquets of amaryllis is the white-hot crispness of a silver napkin ring and candelabra.

Scarlet flowers and branches of berries add further shots of color but again are placed in small silver vessels.

Sia’s gorgeous creations pay homage to the fine craftsmen of the past.

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