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Feeling blue? - Blue Terra is the answer.

By Khalid Ansari (fashioncurryfeedback@gmail.com)
It seems in recent years being busy has become the rule rather than the exception. If you’re as busy and stressed, as most of us, you may not take time out for self care very often. However, personal pampering has many stress relieving benefits, and should be incorporated as part of a healthy lifestyle.

If stress relief is not fitted into today's busy lives, the end result is lethargy, tiredness and chronic stress. Clearly, stress relief is important even for busy people.

A massage, soak in the tub, hot steam, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, candle lit fragrant rooms are all forms of pampering that revitalize inside and out. And taking time out to treat our body like a temple has its own benefits.

Blue Terra – The Wellness Spa, first of its kind, has been launched in Gurgaon by KAPSA Wellness Pvt Ltd. and draws its inspiration from Zimbabwean proverb - If you can talk, you can sing; If you can walk, you can dance.


Grounded in Ayurveda, the Spa combines the diagnostic benefit of contemporary science, with age old massage techniques, to offer a comprehensive solution for pampering and preventive needs of individuals. The therapies range from ancient Abhyangam, Shirodhara to contemporary Hot Stone massage, Swedish Massage and Balinese Massage.

A panel of Ayurveda doctors and psychiatrists have been developing the wellness indices for Blue Terra. They have also been working to customize the therapies according to individual requirements like finding the right Ayurvedic dosha, deciding the focal point during the massage and choosing the right oil. A customised therapy offer instant benefits to the individual.


In addition to massage therapies, Blue Terra also offers exotic Scrubs & Wraps like Coffee, Chocolate, Red Wine and sea salt for the glowing look and aromatic feel. Exotic rituals like Javanese Lulur and Balinese Boreh are also on Spa menu offering. These rituals are an ideal Spa gift for any occasion.

The décor, interiors and products of Blue Terra have all been designed keeping in mind the wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation of its customers. The contemporary interiors and therapy rooms with individual steam and shower differentiates Blue Terra from a typical Spa. The therapy rooms have been named Revive, Bliss, Harmony and Moksha, reflecting the purpose of the Spa. While Revive & Bliss are used for international therapies, Moksha for Ayurvedic therapies, Harmony is a room for couple therapies.


The spa has special equipment to measure body age and stress. Body Age reflects one’s biological clock age and indicates the level of fitness indices. The Stress measure equipment is based on science that is used by to NASA to train scientists for space missions.

Male therapist dressed in crisp chocolate colour and female therapist dressed in refreshing lavender colour, are all diploma holders in Spa therapies. They have also been given intensive 3 weeks training at Blue Terra, to match the specific menu requirements of the Spa. The training was imparted by industry experts, with several years of experience with them. All the therapists at Blue Terra deliver consistent experience using same technique and strokes of massage.


In its first month, Blue Terra has seen visitors from all over India including expats. No wonder, customer repeats in its first month are more than 50%. Ashwini Hooda, a Spa connoisseur and Deputy MD of Indiabulls Financial Services, during his visit to Blue Terra Spa mentioned that “Blue Terra is a fabulous contemporary spa that has taken care of those small things that makes THE difference & make people feel comfortable.”

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