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In the world of ever changing trends of fashion statements, Radhika Jain is a name that stands out because of its individual style. Her creations are laced with creativity and originality- her talent makes sure that both elements come together to give way to absolute and enigmatic designs.

Simple elegance unites the magic of the past with the brightness of the future. Her collection is sensual yet spiritual- it bridges all visible gaps and produces fresh trends. Her creative designs simply speak about her imagination from plainly known towards the unknown, unveiling the hidden mysteries of this art.

Radhika Jain presents before you her expertise on the haute fabrics and colours this season with the best styles, the latest designs to choose from as far as Indian & Indo-Western clothing is concerned. While she specializes in fusion experiments with Indian zardosi & traditional French embroidery, she doesn’t limit herself in any way.

The Bridal collection has been crafted in such a way that it will carry you to the world of beautiful dreams and revelations and it is guaranteed that the panache with which this will be done will leave you mesmerized and refreshed.

Her Inspiration in combining different textiles, texture, colours & motifs with traditional Indian lineage to create garments of high fashion is sensitive. Her collection can also be seen at Maria Louisa in Paris & various boutiques in U.K & U.S.A.

“If STYLE wasn’t Important & If VARIETY wasn’t Confusing, I would have No Reason to be in this Business”

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