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The fashion police zooms in on the style sensibility of India’s Champagne Brigade, Style Divas, and Fashion Victims spotted at the most sought-after saucy soirees, rave parties, and let-lose occasions. Let’s have a look at what our Style Analyst has to say....


Nisha Singh
Mehul Choksi with Neeta Lulla

Notorious for her flashy fashion sense, this socialite and actress looks like she’s ready for an item number in Ram Gopal Varma’s next movie. The outfit is definitely eye-catching but unfortunately, not in a good way- the lehenga is shabby and the bangles, apart from being tacky, do not go with the ensemble at all.

Mehul Choksi, the King of Diamonds, may burst out of that suit if he has another drink and even if by some miracle, he doesn’t- he should remember that navy blue and charcoal are not his colors.
Neeta Lulla- a designer who is more than familiar with the ABCs of the glamour world- should know better than to sport a dress that looks like it has been cut from a tablecloth.

Prahlad Kakar with Mitali Kakar
Rohit Roy and Mansi Roy

Prahlad Kakar, a celebrated director of ad films, should wear the same outfit when he steps out for his evening walk.
Mitali Kakar, his so-called better half is not far behind. Her dress? Salwar Kameez? is awful. It looks like a wedding gown gone very very wrong. The white is overpowering and the two brass flowers should be ripped out as soon as possible.

What a lovely crushed suit! Rohit Roy, the washed out television actor, should go out and buy a new iron. The once-successful television actress- Mansi Joshi Roy’s Salwar Kameez was surely pretty at some point of time but is now about one wash away from becoming a mop.

Celina Jaitley
Perizad Zorabian

The actress who considers herself to be a ‘beauty queen’ should realize that we are not in the 19th century- that dress is far too long and her hair looks like a dried out wig, to say the least.

The actress looks like she gave up on herself after a few flops in Bollywood! Perizad’s sari looks good with her skin tone but her unflattering hairstyle kicks off some points from her overall style quotient

Anjori Alagh

If you want to know how to ruin a perfectly decent dress- wear the same shoes Anjori Alagh, the leggy model, is wearing in this photograph. She obviously doesn’t know how to work red and black together. A red clutch could have saved the entire outfit.

Even though this dress looks like a mix between a Kimono and a ball gown, this former pop singer manages to carry it off with confidence.

Neetu Chandra
Bharti Bhalla and Ramneek Pantal

Neetu Chandra looks stunning in this red number and her hairdo is sleek and picture perfect. It’s a shame we don’t get to see her in more videos and advertisements.

We can only hope that Bharti Bhalla hasn’t designed this dress herself because the material is awful and she should think twice about showing off those legs. To top it all off, if the nailpaint was any brighter- we could use it to see in the dark. Ramneet Pindal’s jeans however, are simple and slim-fitting and the clutch blends in very well.

Maya Alagh and Sunil Alagh with daughter Anjori Alagh
Ashish Raheja and Mitali Kakar

So the whole family needs a stylist then? Maya Alagh, who entered Bollywood over 20 years ago, looks like a female version of Jawaharlal Nehru and Sunil Alagh’s outfit is very carelessly put together. Maybe he should step out of his office at Brittania and walk towards a large mirror.

That white ensemble looks even worse from this angle. Rohit Roy should take shopping tips from Ashish Raheja, the young tycoon, who looks impressive in this pinstripe suit.

Aditi Gowitrikar
Reynu Tandon, Bubbles Sabharwal and
ala madhu

Former Miss World, Aditi Gowitrikar sure knows how to dress herself! On the downside, the shoes are a little clumsy-looking and she could use some eye make-up.

The striped shirt is an eye-sore and that necklace does not fit in at all. The other two look elegant though.

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