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Sexy Nails

 Flash your nails right in his face on your next date and make him swoon over you!
Do this with the new, healthy nail paints brought to town by the international cosmetic brand INGLOT. The newest 42 O2M nail paints are “breathable,” which means your nails not only get to look sexy but also fresh and healthy.

The colors in this range are created with a new polymer, which functions as an oxygenation for the nail avoiding the film that nail polish often leaves. Originally designed for contact lenses, INGLOT is the first to take the new polymer k502 technology and apply it to nail polish.


INGLOT is a combination of high-end luxury products at everyday value prices. It operates over 150 stores in Poland, Canada, GCC, Australia, UK, and has further plans of expansion in other countries.

You can check out the nail paints at Select City Walk Saket and DLF Vasant Kunj for Rs. 690 per color.


Beat That Age!

 Third-generation instant anti-aging cosmetics now in India

Going for a party? Look years younger with the all new American range of cosmetics that give you instant skin lifting, tightening, firming, and fuller lips. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Try the new range launched by Clinicians Complex, which produces “just-before-party” results and visibly reduces lines and wrinkles from your face without any stiffening.

The range is suited for all skin types and shows appreciable results instantly after application in most of the cases. So if you are heading for a party and have only a few minutes for a younger look, try these cosmetics! You’ll be all set for that special appearance. These advanced cosmetic products work instantly on skin – be it normal skin, dry skin, oily or acne-prone skin, or sensitive skin.

The Instant Tightening Serum utilizes superior bimodal polymer technology to instantly lift, tighten, and firm the skin. In addition to the instant results, long term rejuvenation is achieved by a biological messenger peptide specifically involved in repairing the elastin molecule.

Another revolutionary product, the Lip Enhancer is formulated to increase the size and add a tint of color to the lips on a short-term and long-term basis. This formula contains the vaso-dilator niacin, a vitamin B derivative that increases blood flow and improves circulation.


A research study showed a 13.59% increase of total midline lip and 12.54% increase of total lateral lip at 30 minutes after one application. You can also go for acne and facial toners, foaming gel and facial cleansers, as well as skin bleaching cleanser. Or, try the facial creams: 6% Skin bleaching cream, AHA facial creams, Bruise cream, C-Plus anti-oxidant cream, Derma-moist, Derma relaxer, Peptide plus cream, and Tissue growth factor.

Besides these, there are serums, such as Hyaluronic acid, Peptide serum, Retinol A serum, Skin recovery serum, Skin tightening serum, and Super C-plus serum. The company has also launched sun protection products such as SPF 30+ Total Sun Protection lotion eye creams, Peptide eye cream, Retinol eye cream, and Under-eye repair.

Also check out there other complimentary and hand care products. But the icing on the cake is of course, the third generation anti-aging cosmetics, which are definitely worth a looksie.

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