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Lord, I’m Doing All I Can…

By Khalid Ansari (fashioncurryfeedback@gmail.com)
I’ve been high, felt the lows, and been somewhere in between too…They could say I was weak when I went down under, but I was lucky to realize the true meaning of life when the tides were low and troubled waves rocked the shore.

I found warmth in the sun, promise in the blowing wind, and love in the gurgling water of the stream. They gave me the strength to move on and use my eternal faith to love, heal, and give hope to the world around me.

This hope, which could be your hope tomorrow, is called Tamanna C, spiritual healer and transformation healer.

Tamanna is a clairvoyant doctor of psychic healing, angel therapist, Reiki master, healer, and transformation leader. She was inclined towards spirituality even as a little child. Naturally, she grew up to believe that her purpose in life was to make people aware of God’s gift to them so that they can make the most out of it and release themselves from pain, doubts, fears, and all the negative emotions that they gather throughout the journey of life.

At age 12, she was a qualified Reiki master; at 16, a psychic healer with proficiency in self-hypnosis and pendulum healing. Over the years, she has groomed herself into angel therapy, angel card reading, and transformations.

While she has worked mostly in India (based out of Mumbai) and the Middle East, Tamanna likes to reach out to all kinds of people across the globe through workshops and heal as many souls as she possibly can.


Here are some of the key workshops that Tamanna organizes for the well-being of the soul:

  • Residential and non-residential workshops for healing, transformation, and angel therapies
  • Individual healing sessions
  • Sessions on individual needs
  • Past life and multi-dimensional readings
  •  Soul chat readings
  • Group healing sessions
  • Therapy workshops -levels 1 and 2
  • Workshops for pregnant women and mothers
  • Workshops for corporations
If you also feel week, and would like to understand the meaning and purpose of your life, a meeting with Tamanna can help you unravel the mysteries. She can be contacted on angeltherapyworkshop@gmail.com
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