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The fashion police zooms in on the style sensibility of India’s Champagne Brigade, Style Divas, and Fashion Victims spotted at the most sought-after saucy soirees, rave parties, and let-lose occasions. Let’s have a look at what our Style Analyst Nida Mahmood has to say....

Picture perfect.
The tiger took the rest of his spots back but I’m cool!
Hey! Look here people.
My space ship landed on ethnic shores.
…and what have we spotted there?
The snow white brigade! Love your subtle style Mandira.
Ladies! Lets go over the lesson ONE more time. Horizontal stripes and a big girth - the twain shall never meet.
Kodak moment!
Garden of Eden

Once upon a time star wars met a paisley stole!!

All the crystals of Arabia will find home on my outfit. And the rest on my forehead!!
Lights! Camera! Swoon!  
Sexy on screen, these A-listers are known to pull all stops to look scintillating while walking the red carpet. Among the gorgeous, couture-clad there are a few that stand out effortlessly.

Vinita Lahiri -
Fashion Advisor


The idea behind Demi Moore’s black and white Marchesa dress is kinda cool. Think about it, organza flower appliqués for the premier of Valentine’s Day, UK. Pretty… right? Only it’s not! Even for an occasion such as this, the dress is a little over the top. She ends up looking like a crazy walking bouquet!

Sky-high Christian Louboutins, a beautiful necklace and strong make-up! With so many key elements clamouring for attention, we get why Christina Aguilera decided to tone down her dress at TAO, Las Vegas. But unfortunately, it’s more sexy lingerie than LBD. Better suited for the boudoir, not the red carpet!


Rihanna was spotted promoting Rated R in Seoul, in her signature style power jacket combined with very very hot Giuseppe Zanotti booties! But what’s with the skirt? The tulle Isaac Mizrahi creation totally clashes with the rest of her outfit. All we’d like to know is… Why?

Sandra Bullock decided to come to the 2010 People’s Choice awards dressed in what seems to be a potato sack! The hair and make-up is impeccable as always but the dress designed by Vivienne Westwood is doing absolutely nothing for her. We suggest you look in the mirror before leaving the house next time Sandra! Tsk Tsk!

Gwen Steffani arrived at MOCA’s 30th anniversary party dressed in a lampshade! The top, albeit a Dolce and Gabbana, looks horrendous teamed with a pair of frumpy pants and strappy sandals. If this really was a lamp, we’d turn the lights out!
It’s the crazy Olsen twins! But, at a Tribute to Tim Burton in New York, it was more like a pretty young niece chaperoning her crazy aunt around town. The hat, the oversized animal print overcoat and those super flared pants! Say it with me… “What was she thinking?”


At The View From the Bridge opening night in New York City Scarlett Johannson looks like an old lady in this drab, floral print dress teamed with those oh so sensible (read boring!) pumps. I think we should all take a moment to mourn the demise of Scarlett’s sex appeal. This is taking it too far!

We understand that Maggie Gyllenhaal has been very busy promoting Crazy Heart, her latest flick about a country music star, but there is no excuse for being seen on the red carpet looking absolutely worse for wear! The dress is wrinkled and sloppy. The fringe neckline is a disaster. And let’s not talk about the seam running down the length of the skirt. Disappointing!

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