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Lure Me…

Sharmila Chand

Your night out could get more interesting thanks to the new clubbing hub in town, Lure.

Started by Sushmita and Manoj Aggarwal of the F Bar fame, Lure has a very alluring ambience with laser lit parquets, and dance floor with altering streaks of colors. On level two, rich colors and lavish textures create a stunning space with baroque styling.

Along with awe-inspiring design both visually and acoustically, the exterior also has exquisite group of shacks for privacy and water cascades for glitterati gatherings. At the rooftop, you can savor the skyline under the sun, moon, and stars.
The cocktail party for the launch witnessed the presence of Delhi's most notable and influential individuals including Ramola Bachhan, Shailja Saraf, Ayaan Ali, Charu Sachdev, Thenny, Ramneek Panthal, Kitty Kalra, and Neena Verma.
Check out the place at Tavern on the Greens, Lado Sarai, Delhi. Once you get lured, you won’t back out!
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